Thursday, February 24, 2005


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Elizabeth, my girlfriend, was the cutest girl in the world. Probably the girl I should've been with on the night in question and if there was ever such a thing as love, she'd be the one wwe upskirts be in it with. I had a little something called "respect" for her and that was the problem... I can't fuck a girl I respect.

No, I don't need a girl I respect. I need a girl whose face I can come across. I need a girl whose only ambition in life is holding down her shitty waitress job. That was not Elizabeth, but that was her friend, Lacy.

I'd be sacrificing in the looks department. Okay, I'd be sacrificing A LOT in the looks department. She was a blonde with an eternal "fuck you" attitude, big tits, big ass, but big everything else, too. She was probably heavier than me, probably about 200 pounds. She was tall, though, so her weight was a little bit more distributed than some of the midgets I've fucked.

And respect? Not a bit of it, here. In fact, girls up skirt much as I loved Elizabeth was as much as I downright hated Lacy. That fucking bitch.

She hated me, too. I'm not going to lie. Most of the girls I've met in this rotten life teen upskirts gallery hate me. But it was a love-to-hate relationship and I knew if I gave Lacy a call, she'd be game.

If I had the time, I knew I would talk myself out porno upskirt it. It was one of those things I was going to regret. upskirt xxx nude pay scum I downed a couple beers in a matter of minutes and forced myself to call.



No turning pics of upskirt and voyeur now.

"Hello," she said.

"Hey. It's me. Mason."

"Oh. What the hell do YOU want?"

"Come on, I know you hate me, but I'm bored as shit."


"SO, why don't you come over and upskirts watch a few movies, drink a bit of upskirts volleyball

"You're inviting me over to your thumbnails upskirt sexy She laughed. "Are you serious?"

"Yeah. Elizabeth's out of town and I thought we could get together and throw around some ideas for her birthday party. I'm in charge of that, you know."
stockings suspenders sexy private personal upskirt I don't women upskirt photos free you."

"Yeah, I don't like you either, but did you ever stop to wonder why?"


"Think about it. We should be friends. It's not fair to Elizabeth."

"You just annoy me."

"Come on, Lace. I've got beeeeer."

That's what got her. She was 19 years old and I was 21. Elizabeth didn't care for the stuff, which was a shame since drunk fucking was scholl girl upskirt favorite sport. All inhibitions were off and I katie couric upskirt wondered how my cute, prude girlfriend would act on the stuff. Unfortunately, I haven't found out yet.

What I WAS about to find out, however, was that fucking slightly chubby sample upskirt was a hell of a upskirts more fun than fucking skinny chicks.

If you've never tried it, let me explain. You see, I answered the door and I already had a hard on. There Lacy stood, wearing a hooded sweatshirt and a pair of tight cotton shorts, the bottom of the tiny leg sleeves converging at her crotch. Her legs were shiny and smooth. She might develop cellulite sooner than a skinny chick, but she hadn't developed it yet.

A few pleasantries later, I had a beer in her hands and asian and teen and upskirt her upskirt passwords seat. She chose to sit on the easy chair, not the couch, so she wouldn't have to be too close to me. That would change after about four or five beers.

"So, do you want to play upskirts england free game?" I asked her.

"What kind of game?"

"A card game. Poker."

"Okay." There was nothing on TV, anyway.

"Come here," I said, standing and walking around the coffee table. I sat on the floor between the TV and the table, dealing out cards on the floor. "Sorry. I don't have a card table."

"It's fine. 5 Card?"


I kept an eye on her face as she studied her cards. Her makeup was blue on the eyelids and pink on the lips. She didn't wear much cover-up on the rest of her face because it was without acne and every bit as smooth as her plump legs. She had a small, tight mouth with small little lips and a big plump tongue. Her chubby cheeks dimpled when she smiled.

"I'll take four," she said.

"Okay." I dealt her four cards and dealt four for me. I discarded a couple of aces, trying purposely to lose. Damn the luck. I picked up three kings. "What do ya got?"

"A pair of eights," she said.

I slapped my cards across the carpet face down. "That beats my nothing. Count to six," I said, readying to drink my beer.


"Just count to six."

She counted aloud as I drank my beer. When she finished free upskirts pictures I was finished drinking.

"What was that about?" she asked.

"Drinking game. If you win, I have to drink for as many seconds as the number on your highest red card. Face cards are ten."

"Oh? And if you win?"

"Then YOU have to drink for me."

She giggled, looking me from the corners of her eyes, unconsciously nibbling and tonguing the rim of her longneck. Finally she took a sip and said, "Okay."

We played the game for half an hour. If it was enough to get me THAT drunk a.k.a., drunk enough to fuck a fat chick, surely it was enough to get her drunk enough panty pictures upskirts fuck me.

"Ready to up the ante?" I said.

"To what?"

"What about clothes?" I peeked up at her as I shuffled the cards. If she pretended to be offended, if she threatened to tell Elizabeth, all I would have to say was "Just kidding, jeeze!"

But she didn't do that. She said, "Okay."

What the hell happened? I don't know, but she had me down to my boxers and the only thing of hers I had off was a sandal. I was losing badly, but it wasn't yet time to free celeb upskirt slip pics my losses and quit. No sir, I had her laughing and feeling lucky and hooked like a casino-going soccer mom with picture phone upskirts at school better to do than to




"I'm not quitting," she drunkenly said, "until I have you completely naked!"

She thought she was on a roll. She WAS on a roll until I began cheating, dealing cards off of the bottom and, hell, picking up cards I had discarded right in front of her. She was too drunk to notice and sometimes I'd just my upskirt pics onto a winning hand for the next round.

She was obviously self-conscious about her chub. Instead project upskirt taking her hooded sweatshirt off first, she took off her shorts. Her panties weren't much more revealing than upskirt thumbnail post short shorts were and she knew that.

I caught her with three aces.

"No!" she laughed. "That's not fair!"

I realized she had upskirt pict but a bra on underneath the sweatshirt. "Come on," I said. "Play fair."

"Damn it," she said pouting, slowly removing her shirt.

"Come on."

She finally free sitting upskirts da a14 al4 the shirt from around her head and laid it on the rest of our clothes. Yeah, so she gangbang upskirt a big belly. She also had upskirt panties of the biggest tits I'd ever seen. I grabbed the shirt and playfully put it behind my back.

"Hey!" she said, lunging towards me, grabbing for the shirt. A wonderful thing happened. I realized there'd be no more bullshit games because I instinctively leaned back when she instinctively leaned forward, reaching around both sides of me with both hands.

Our faces were inches apart and I softly and somewhat innocently put my hand just above her waist. She began to relax, wanting so japanese downblouse upskirt to kiss me, but wanting so bad not to show it. There was still that thought in her head that maybe she had free upskirt school girls wrong star upskirt about me.

I brought my other hand around and put it on the other side of her waist and lied on my back, pulling her on top of me. She straddled my waist, allowing her body to press against my cock. Panties and boxers were tween upskirt only things between us and I put my hand on the back of her short blonde hair.

"What are we doing?" she asked.

I kissed her. Since most of the kissing I had been doing lately was on Elizabeth, it was quite liberating to be kissing different lips. Awkward? Yes, but in a good way.

I liked that tight mouth and those tiny yet soft lips and I got all giddy when she pushed her big fat tongue into my mouth. She didn't waist any time and moved her hips, rubbing those panties against my cock for no japanese upskirt photos else's pleasure but her own.

It was uncomfortable for Mason Junior, so I reached down and let him hang out of the pee hole. I couldn't believe it, but he'd already pre-came a bit and he was about to do a little more if Lacy wedding upskirt rubbing her warm crotch against him the way she was.

"Jesus," she said, reaching down to touch it. "Big enough?"

I chuckled and put my hand to her crotch. It, too, was wet, and I pulled her panties to the side. Her pussy was as bald and smooth as everything else on her body and while I had planned to tease it a bit, my finger free asain upskirt in on its own.

"Wet enough?" I teased.

"Shut up."

"No, I like it."

I moved my finger up and began massaging her clit. She moaned and bit her bottom lip. She got a better grasp on my upskirt kournakova pics lifting her hips a bit to do so, and stoked it at the same slow pace I massaged her clit.

Her tits were now hidden cameras at the mall upskirt bulging in their plain white bra. I popped one out with my free hand and saw that it was pierced. Pierced nips weren't exactly my cup of tea, but upskit movie didn't turn me on any less, either. I kissed on her breast and nibbled on her nipple, rolling the steel bar between my teeth every now and then.

Her moaning grew louder and she stroked my cock harder, so I rubbed her clit harder, too.

"Oh God," she whispered. "Can I suck it?"

Gee. Let me think about that one.

Without even waiting for my reply, she walked backwards on her hands and knees and put her head down to lick the bottom of it, starting with the balls and dragging her tongue all the way to the tip. She left a lot of spit behind and did so intentionally, just the way I like it.

I love it when a girl uses only her mouth and that's what she did, sucking the head between her lips to pull my cock upright and pushing the lips down over it. Her mouth was freeupskirt pics wet as her pussy and I was disappointed that she had withdrawn that wet Suck My Big Cock pussy from me.

"Mmmm." Her hands went down her panties and she didn't just toy around with her clit. I could tell she had a finger or two in her pussy. She wanted something in her already.

"Oh," I totally free voyeur upskirt reaching down to let loose and squeeze her other upskirt photos free on street upskirts stop."


"Shit. Come here." I leaned forward and grabbed a bunch of her panties on the side of her ass. I pulled her ass closer to me and she didn't break the suction at all. She was sucking me off from the pictures cottoreando upskirt now, and upskirt piss pulled her panties down just far enough to see her ass.

Her head came up. "What are you doing?" she giggled.

"Don't stop." I pushed cheung upskirt head back down and she resumed. She added her hand, pulling my balls through my boxers' pee hole and tugging on the sack.

That's another reason I liked chubby chicks. They thought the only way they could be attractive to guys like me upskirt photo gallery thumbnail becoming head experts. But I wanted her to know how attractive she really was, and I said, "God, your ass is so hot."

That made her day. Her head bobbed furiously and she hummed even louder. college library upskirt
I ran my hand across Lacy's back, contouring her ass, and upskirt non nude pics fingers met upskirts pixies fingers, two of which were sunk deep in her pussy. She removed her fingers to make room for my own and I pushed two into that wet pussy with lips as small as the ones on her mouth. Her body stiffened and she sucked harder.
thumbnails upskirts had to know what she tasted like so I removed my fingers and sucked them. She had a taste all her own, so I made my fingers even wetter with my spit and plunged them back into her, the back of my hand resting in the net of her panties that were stretched from one ass cheek to the other.


"Oh God!" I said, throwing my head back and closing my eyes. "I'm already about to come."


"Can I come in your mouth?"

"Mmmhmm." She sucked harder, WANTING me to come asian upskirt free pics her mouth.

I shuddered as I filled her mouth with one spurt of come and moaned when I felt the second spurt. The third spurt left me paralyzed for the most part and I was absolutely speechless.

The ecstasy subsided and I was left panting, unconsciously fingering her pussy during my daze. She swallowed my come and softly choked with a huge smile on her face, patting her chest to help it down. "Whew, you filled my entire mouth!"

Indeed, I did. I felt a bit of it she had missed, which was streaming down the side of my cock and upskirt voyuerism it sticky. "It was just a fucking good blowjob," I said.

"Now you have to get ME off."

"Is that the way it works?"

"Uh huh."

"Come here." I stood and took her hand, leading her into the guest thumbnail free upskirt post I wasn't a superstitious person, but I'd feel weird about fucking her in the bed I shared with Elizabeth.

Holding her hand, I walked around the bed, leading her up onto it. She tried to roll onto her back, but I stopped her. "No. Stay right there."

"Mason," she said, somewhat in objection.

I knelt at the end of the bed and buried my face between her ass cheeks, licking the split of her pussy down until I found a clit. She was self-conscious of that big fat girls panties undies upskirt thumbs being stuck in my face the way it was, but she soon relaxed when I began sucking on her clit. She put her head down on its side, holding that big fat ass higher down blouse pictures upskirt upskirts and downblouse air.

She moaned harder when I maneuvered my fingers in to fuck her while I sucked on that free celebrity upskirt perfectly sized hot women upskirt pics She began rubbing and pinching her own nipples.

"Oh God!" she said. "I'm going to come, I'm going to come. upskirt nudist don't stop sucking my pussy. Don't stop, don't stop, don't stop."
free porn upskirts wasn't planning on stopping. Stopping wasn't in my vocabulary at the moment.

She was moving her school uniforms upskirt showing panties into it, fucking herself with my fingers and I fingered harder. Her breathing increased, increased, increased... Then stopped. Her body stiffened and she was about to come.

I quickly stood, whipping my boxers down, and I slid my cock into her by surprise. And what a pleasant surprise it must have been, because I slowly slid it in right through her orgasm.

She squealed without reserve and I slowly pulled my shiny cock out to get a look at how wet it was. I pushed it back in, slow, making sure to get it as deep as I could get it. She had gotten me so hard and huge I practically bottomed out. I thought I might be hurting her.

"Harder," she demanded, breathless.

I early teen upskirt harder and to my surprise, upskirt tennis pics squeezed my cock in all the way, until it had disappeared. She all but screamed and reached back to touch the side of my waist, as if she wanted to pull me even further into her.
upskirt xxx you have a condom on?" she asked.

"No." To make sure she didn't mind, I gave her another thrust. We were too drunk for condoms. That was obvious.

"Oh!" she said at my thrust. "Don't come in me."

"I won't." I fucked her like this, hard through several orgasms. That's why I liked to drink and fuck. Fucking sober? I lasted two, three minutes, lesbian hidden cameraaviupskirt Fucking drunk? I was a fucking stud who got my lady off, goddamn it.

I put her onto her back and fucked her missionary, upskirts still standing at the edge of the bed. got you upskirts practically had her knees to her chin and I was coming down on her like a jackhammer.

I was wearing her out quick and I knew I'd have to up to ante to bring my own orgasm. I knew she might not like it much at first, but I figured, we're drunk. If she calls me a freak, I'll just pretend it was an accident.

So I went through with the plan and put her legs over my shoulders. I cradled her ass cheeks with both hands and let a finger "accidentally" touch her asshole. This girl was full of surprises. I'd fucked so much juice out of her twat, it had run down and made her asshole wet.

She didn't seem to mind that my fingers were here and after awhile, I began rubbing my finger around. She moaned and I took that as my cue to gently push a finger in.

Her mouth opened wider than it had earlier for my cock. She panted harder, she moaned harder, so I fucked her pussy harder and fingered her asshole harder. Her cell phone pictures upskirt went back and she screamed while her asshole pulsated around my finger with the explosive orgasm.

I was nearly spent, too, so I let her ride the last waves out and withdrew my cock and climbed on upskirt wet panties pics of her to jack off on her tits, but she pulled me closer to her by my ass and wrapped those tight lips around my cock, sucking harder than she sucked before.

I didn't come as much as I did the first time, but I came harder and with more upskirt celeb Again she swallowed and, this time, free upskirt clips bit. But what the hell did I care? At this point I was so spent I couldn't care less if she saved it and used it in some weird satanic ritual.

Rolling off of her, sanity came rushing back, along with regret, as it always did after I got off.

How was I going to keep Elizabeth from finding out?